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Knees Up was originally formed in 2004 to allow ex-heart patients to continue exercising after their classes at Blandford Hospital stopped.

As the group has expanded, classes are now offered at all levels. In addition to classes for people who have had heart operations, there are now classes for Parkinsons sufferers, people who have had hip and other joint replacements, classes for people suffering from balance problems, plus a good range of exercise classes from low impact to quite energetic ones.

These are mainly for older people, but younger adults are accepted, especially if referred by Doctors.


knees up about us 2In addition to exercise classes, Pilates and Line Dancing are now held. If there is space in these classes younger adults will be accepted – All classes are run by well qualified trainers with the aim of improving people’s health and well-being.

Our aim is to provide safe and structured exercise classes with suitably qualified instructors.

You can enjoy the sessions in the sure knowledge that no-one will place pressure on you, allowing you to join in comfortably at your own pace.

We offer classes aimed at men and women over 50, and those referred by their doctor to take structured exercise.

You can also enjoy Pilates, Line dancing, Chair based exercises and Tai Chi.

All classes are run by qualified instructors with the aim of improving your health and well being in a fun and sociable environment.