Knees Up is a registered charity providing safe and friendly exercise classes for those over 50 and those referred by their doctor to take exercise.

– Find the gym unwelcoming?
– Wanting to make new friends?
– Wanting to exercise at your own pace in a comfortable non pressurised environment?
– Recovering from a recent operation and looking to get back into exercise?

Knees Up could be for you.

Knees Up AGM to be held on 23rd May at 2pm at the studio. All welcome

Welcome to Knees Up!

At Knees Up it’s all about having fun while you exercise in a safe and controlled environment.

Knees Up was originally formed to provide continued exercise for those progressing from the cardiac rehab classes at Blandford Hospital.

Today we have extended our offering to cover a range of exercise programs from low to medium impact.  We offer classes for medical referrals and for those who are looking to maintain or improve their fitness levels.

Our Classes


Yoga is a practice developed thousands of years ago that connects body, breathing and mind….

Chair Based Exercise

This class is aimed at clients who need to regain strength following illness, trauma or joint replacement….

Silver Swans Ballet

Ballet for the over 55’s

Tai Chi / Qi Gong

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements …..

Exercise and Circuit Class

Circuits are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness …..

Exercise and Circuit Class – Cardio Phase 4 (cardio rehabilitation)

Circuit classes designed specifically for clients with cardio rehabilitation needs …..

Line Dancing

Line Dancing is particularly good for improving mobility …..



A traditional style of Pilates promoting flexibility …..

Pulmonary, Respiratory Exercise Class

A relaxed exercise session tailored specifically for people with respiratory problems

What our clients say

I joined Knees Up as I am 77 and things have started to seize up – it’s a case of use it or lose it!  I like being in a group with a teacher taking us through the movements/exercises.  It’s so much better than attempting to do it on your own as home – when you can always find an excuse to do them tomorrow!  My balance has started to improve and I would recommend Knees Up to anyone who wants to keep active in older life and mobile

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