I decided to give Silver Swans a try as its local and I needed something to help improve my self-esteem, my flexibility and mobility whilst maintaining a good posture.

Janet is brilliant in her encouraging, fun and clear approach.

My balance and coordination have improved, and I feel less tired after class which always lifts the spirits.

The exercise which is specifically aimed at the over 50’s, is manageable and no one is made to feel inadequate.

I have already recommended a friend and would encourage anyone to come along and join in the fun.

I joined Knees Up as I am 77 and things have started to seize up – it’s a case of use it or lose it!  I like being in a group with a teacher taking us through the movements/exercises.  It’s so much better than attempting to do it on your own as home – when you can always find an excuse to do them tomorrow!  My balance has started to improve and I would recommend Knees Up to anyone who wants to keep active in older life and mobile

I joined Knees Up as I wanted to follow on from my Better Balance Group at the Hospital. The exercises are good and its good fun! I have found that my knees are not so stiff. I would recommend Knees Up – Give it a go!

I joined Knees Up to help me keep my mobility. The classes are relaxed, happy atmosphere and I like the assistance given by our trainers/tutors. I feel fitter and healthier and would recommend it for anyone wishing to increase their fitness levels.

I joined to get fitter and was interested in meeting others. Marilyn the teacher is very helpful. I have noticed that I can move better, it helps my Parkinson’s and I would suggest it for anyone wanting to keep mobile and more energetic.

My Chiropractor said I should do Pilates but I needed to do proper lessons and Knees Ups was the only place to do it in the day time.  The classes are fun and although we do have to do it properly we do laugh a lot!  My back is much better and the feeling of wellbeing is great.  I look forward to every lesson.  I would recommend Knees Up to everyone and you are always made to feel welcome.

My Physiotherapist recommended I joined Pilates and I felt it would be accessible to me personally.  I find the classes friendly with structured exercises suitable for a wide range of abilities.  As a result of attending I have found it helps to keep my joints more supple and builds up core strength.  Plus it’s fun!!  I would recommend this class to anyone who feels the need to improve their flexibility/core strength.

I joined about 8 years ago as I wanted to keep supple as I got older.  It’s affordable.  I find the classes very friendly, you are not made to feel inadequate if there is something you are unable to do.  Because I have a serious spinal condition the class enable me to keep more movement.  I would recommend Knees Up to anyone.  Things are tailored to your needs.

I joined the Pilates class as I thought they were good value for money, accessible and local.  I think the classes are a very good standard of instruction.  I have greater core strength and have seen an overall improvement in my fitness.  I would recommend Knees up to everyone.

We had seen the classes advertised in our local magazine and were impressed with the benefits Tai Chi could have to your general health and wellbeing.  There is always a friendly and relaxed atmosphere without an added pressure.  I have noticed an improvement in my balance, flexibility in my joints and confidence in my movement.  I would recommend anyone wishing to improve their general health with gentle exercise which is always done to a person’s own ability.

I was referred to Knees Up in 2014 following a heart attack and have continued going.  I particularly like the teacher, the exercises, the fact that the people are so friendly and the situation of the venue.  I am feeling much fitter and the exercise is taken at a pace that’s suited to each individual.  Knees Up is great for anyone who wishes to have fun exercising at a reasonable price without having to join a gym.  A nice varied program of classes.

I joined Knees Up to get a bit fitter and meet other like-minded people over 50.  The instructor and other users are friendly.   It has a non-competitive atmosphere and we all work at our own pace.  The prices are cheap and there is no membership fee or booking fee.  It helps ‘Keep me going!’  It’s great for anyone wanting to keep fit and mix with others.

I found that Caroline ran this class and that you did not have to be recovering from a heart attack/stroke to join.  It’s at the appropriate level for me, as I am quite fit anyway and can push myself.  I can get my heart rate going and it gives me a feel good factor.  Plus I’ve got to meet lots of new people.  I would recommend it for anyone interested in keeping fit but needs motivation to do so.